Bob Copeland

Robert (Bob) William Copeland, born 3 December 1919, lived in Cartmel since about the age of 7, and for many years worked as the village postman.  Irini Tzortzoglou and or John Batty, recorded 3 interviews with him on 18 November 2014 (50 minutes), 27 November 2014 (73 minutes), and 15 May 2015 (59 Minutes).

In this, the first interview, he mentions how he came to Cartmel where his maternal grandfather and family lived, and several houses where he lived as a child including in Barngarth where there was a barn used for storing Cartmel Show materials; memories of Cartmel Primary School in late 1920s including named staff, school friends, school sports days, selection procedures for Grammar School etc.; memories of family involvement in bringing electricity to Cartmel in 1926; and his first job at Aynsome Laboratories, second short job on a farm and working as a butcher’s boy.