Privacy Policy

The Cartmel Village Society (“the Society”) collects personal information from its members which may include some or all of the following information including names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers.

This information is stored on a private computer database with appropriate security measures and an encrypted back-up copy of the database is held separately in case of computer failure.

Only members of the Committee of the Society have access to the personal information of its membership which remains confidential to the Society and will not be released to third parties or used for any purposes other than the business of the Society.

Personal information of past members or out-of-date details will be routinely deleted from the database and files.

The Society shall take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is accurate.

Our Data Controller and Secretary is Ian Holcroft who can be contacted either by email on or by telephone on 07774 119 266.

Members have the following rights:-

  • to check the personal information that the Society has stored on them.
  • to know what the Society is undertaking with the data.
  • to have their personal information removed from the database at any time.
  • to stop the profiling of their data.

The Society will always undertake to carry out Privacy Impact Assessments where appropriate and uphold the full integrity of data privacy by design and default.